Andorra is a very small state in Europe. It has less inhabitants than a big city in our country. It is located between France and Spain in the Pyrenees mountains. Most people there speak Catalan, just like the Catalans in neighboring Spain. The vast majority of inhabitants are Catholics. The capital is called Andorra la Vella.

The Primer Lake, Municipality of Encamp Andorra has been ruled by its two neighboring countries since the Middle Ages. Today it has two princes at the same time: a Spanish bishop, i.e. a high representative of the church, and the French head of state, the French president. However, Andorra's parliament is elected by the people.

While the summers are warm, the winters are very cold and bring a lot of snow. This is because Andorra is located so high in the mountains. There is very little soil that is suitable for agriculture. Mostly, Andorrans grow potatoes and tobacco and raise livestock. However, the country has no raw materials of its own except rock, which can be used for building. It has to buy natural gas, oil and a lot of electricity from abroad.

Most important for the economy is winter sports. Thus, services are a major source of income for Andorra. Tourists buy many tobacco products and alcoholic beverages in the country because they are cheaper there. They also buy gold jewelry, leather goods, clothing and cosmetic products. In addition to all these services, there are banks and many others.

In Andorra there is neither an airport nor a railroad. There is a very good bus system. However, many people use their own cars.

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