Anonymous is a loosely organized international collective of hacktivists and activists who operate as a decentralized, leaderless group. The identity of individual members is intentionally kept anonymous, and participants often wear Guy Fawkes masks in public protests to symbolize their resistance against perceived oppression. The group gained prominence in the early 2000s, using online forums and social media platforms to coordinate and share information.

One of Anonymous' primary objectives is to promote free speech and combat censorship. Members often engage in digital activism, utilizing hacking techniques to target websites and organizations they view as restricting information or violating civil liberties. While some actions by Anonymous have been controversial, the group has been involved in various campaigns supporting human rights, privacy, and freedom of expression.

The lack of a central leadership structure makes Anonymous unique, as anyone can claim association with the collective. This anonymity allows for a diverse range of individuals to participate in different causes under the umbrella of the group. The decentralized nature also means that actions attributed to Anonymous can vary widely in terms of motives and methods.

Despite its impact in raising awareness about certain issues, Anonymous has faced criticism for its methods, which often involve hacking and other forms of digital disruption. The group's activities have sparked debates about the ethics and effectiveness of hacktivism as a means of protest. Anonymous remains a dynamic and enigmatic force in the digital realm, challenging authority and advocating for various causes through its distinctive, amorphous structure.

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