Aristotle was a philosopher from the north of Greece and lived 2700 years ago. Like Socrates and Plato, he was a particularly important thinker from ancient Europe. His father was a wealthy doctor and paid for his education at Plato's school of philosophy. After Plato's death, Aristotle left Athens.

Later, Aristotle became the educator of the king's son of Macedonia. This king's son was Alexander the Great. However, the influence of his teacher is not evident in the behaviour of the later conqueror.

Later, Aristotle founded his own school. He called it the Lykeion. It was also called a wandering school because students and teachers often talked while walking around. Today, lyceum is still an expression for a higher school. Aristotle was considered a role model for many scholars until the Middle Ages.

Like Socrates, Aristotle was accused of blasphemy. He feared being condemned to death by the Athenians for this, just as Socrates had been before him. To avoid being condemned as well, he fled to the countryside.

Aristotle was married to Phytias. With her he had a daughter, also named Pythias. After the death of his first wife, Herpyllis became his partner. She was probably the mother of his son Nicomachus. Aristotle died at the age of about 62.

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