Christianity is a religion. Christians believe that Jesus of Nazareth was the Son of God. "Jesus" was a first name like John or Peter. Joseph, Jesus' father, came from the village of Nazareth.

"Christ" comes from the Greek and means "the anointed one". This was a very special person. David, for example, was anointed king. "Jesus Christ" or "the Christ Jesus" therefore means something like "the anointed Jesus". That is where the name "Christianity" comes from. The name also says that Jesus is the Messiah, the expected Saviour.

Jesus lived in the land of the Jews 2000 years ago. He wandered through the land and spoke with people, also and especially with the poor. It is said that he also performed miracles. Sometimes the Bible describes healings or even the resurrection of a dead person. These are all things that scientists cannot explain.

After two or three years of wandering, his early death occurred: at that time, the Roman Empire ruled. The Romans believed that Jesus would incite the Jews against them. That is why the Romans executed Jesus on a wooden cross. But afterwards, Christians say, Jesus rose from the dead.

The teaching of the Christians is that Jesus died for all people and took their sins with him. Christians believe that God loves the world and people and showed himself to them as the man Jesus. The community of Christians is called the Church. Today, more than two billion Christians live in the world; no religion in the world has more followers. Their holy book is the Bible.

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