The word corridor can have different meanings. Most often it means the hallway in a building. The hallway is the room in which you stand after you have gone through the entrance door of a house. It leads to the individual rooms of the building. In other words, it connects the individual rooms of the building. The staircase often borders directly on the hallway. The stairs lead to the corridors of the individual floors. Other words for the hallway are corridor.

The word corridor has another meaning in geography. But then it has a different grammatical gender: the corridor means the open, free land that is not covered by forest and is not cultivated. It usually means the area used for agriculture. This includes, above all, fields, meadows and pastures. Meadows are mown by the farmer to make hay. Pastures are meadows where cattle can graze.

In our country, the land is often divided into many smaller pieces: these are called parcels or plots. Paths, bushes and hedges cut up the land. This is because the fields of a municipality used to be divided among many different owners. There were many more farmers then than now, but each owned only a little land. Today, most farmers cultivate a much larger area.

However, the division of the land has remained in many places. This results in a varied and valuable landscape. It provides a habitat and retreat for many different animals. This leads to a great diversity of species. In many places, however, land consolidation has been carried out. This means that the individual parcels of land are re-divided. In this way, they become larger and the pieces of one owner hang together. This makes them easier to work.

People used to give names to the individual parts of the fields in their area. These field names can still be found on maps and they are often still used. The names of streets or new building areas in a municipality are also often based on old field names. The saying: "Alone on a wide open field" is also well known. It means that you are all alone in one place.

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