Dalton Brothers

Dalton Brothers

The Dalton Brothers were a notorious American outlaw gang that operated during the late 19th century. The gang was primarily composed of three brothers: Bob, Grat, and Emmett Dalton, along with other occasional members. The Dalton Gang gained notoriety for their daring and violent bank and train robberies in the American West, particularly in the 1890s.

The Dalton Brothers initially had more conventional careers; Bob was a deputy U.S. Marshal, while Grat and Emmett worked as lawmen as well. However, they turned to a life of crime due to financial troubles and a desire for wealth. The gang's criminal activities included robbing banks in Kansas and Oklahoma, most notably the ill-fated raid on the Coffeyville, Kansas bank in 1892.

The Coffeyville raid, which saw the Daltons attempt to rob two banks simultaneously, resulted in a shootout with townspeople and law enforcement. During the confrontation, several gang members were killed, including Bob, Grat, and two others, while Emmett was severely wounded and later captured. He served time in prison and eventually became a respected citizen upon his release.

The Dalton Gang's brief but violent criminal career made them infamous in the annals of American outlaw history. Their story has been the subject of numerous books, films, and legends, cementing their place in the Wild West lore.

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