Soslan Burnazew was born in Vladikavkaz on 2 October 1995. In his youth he played football for the Vladikavkaz youth team and had the dream of becoming a professional footballer. He trained as a technician. At the age of 16 he started rapping. He got his pseudonym "Endgame" from the film "Operation: Endgame". In 2014 he released his debut album "Накипь", and a year later he released the second album "Тютелька в тютельку". In March 2018, after a break of half a year, the single "It's My Life" was released in cooperation with TumaniYO. Endgame changed his pseudonym to "Andy Panda" in order to become better known internationally. The first song he released as Andy Panda was "Intro", followed by other singles such as "Коконъ" in August and "Брат передал" in December 2018.

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