Equatorial Guinea

Equatorial GuineaEquatorial Guinea is a state in Africa. Its territory is unusual: most of it lies on the African mainland, south of the equator. However, the capital Malabo is located on an island in the Atlantic Ocean, north of the equator. Equatorial Guinea has no land on the equator itself.

The climate is tropical, hot and humid. There is only a short dry season. There is a lot of rainforest and mangrove swamps. Of the many animal species, we know best the chimpanzees, the gorillas, the leopards and the elephants. Of course, many other animal species live there.

Today's Equatorial Guinea used to be a Portuguese colony. But Portugal ceded this colony to Spain. Therefore, today the official languages are Portuguese and Spanish. But French and three different indigenous languages are also official. More than four fifths of the population speak the native language Fang as their mother tongue.

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