The head is a part of the body, whether of humans or animals. This part is usually at the very top or front of the body. However, some very simple animals do not have a head. Nails also have a head, which is the place you hit with a hammer.

In the head of humans and many animals lies the brain, which is used to think. So that the brain is well protected, it is encased in a large bone called the skull. The second bone of the head is the lower jaw. It is connected to the upper jaw by a joint.

Also on the head is the mouth, which is used to eat, drink and breathe. Together with the eyes and the nose, this part of the head is called the face. So there are organs and body parts on the head with which you take in food. In addition, there are organs with which you know where you are: the eyes and the ears. The head is connected to the body via the neck.

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