Hidden Object Picture

Hidden Object Picture

In a hidden object picture, there are many people doing something. So it is teeming with people. Hidden pictures usually have a certain theme. For example, one shows a scene in a train station, in a hospital, or at a fair.

Usually, the goal is to find a particular person out of the many people. Hidden pictures thus encourage attention. You have to concentrate very well and look very closely to succeed. From this point of view, hidden object pictures are more than just a fun pastime.

Even in the Middle Ages, there were pictures that were teeming with people. They weren't called that back then. Later, there were hidden object pictures in comics. Ali Mitgutsch is said to have painted the first hidden object pictures, which were also called such, in the 1960s. His real name was Alfons Mitgutsch and he lived in Munich. He was originally an advertising graphic artist. That is someone who makes pictures for advertising.

Very well known are also the hidden object books under the title "Where is Walter". There are already twelve different books from this series. Many children and also adults are so enthusiastic about them that they dress up as Walter themselves, for example for a competition.

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