Homelessness means that people do not have a permanent home. People who are homeless do not have their own flat, but stay with friends or relatives for a short period of time. Some homeless people beg, which is why many people simply say "beggar". There are also many colloquial or derogatory expressions for this.

There can be many reasons for this. Often, homeless people have no work and therefore no money for their own flat. Perhaps they have become poor after a divorce. Sometimes natural disasters such as earthquakes or fire can also be the reason for homelessness. Experts say: Anyone can become homeless, even if they are living well at the moment.

There are more homeless people in big cities. They live outside and sleep on the streets, in train stations or other public places. In homeless shelters, homeless people get free or cheap food, clothes and a place to sleep.

Often, however, homeless shelters are very full, so that quarrels arise. Or you are not allowed to drink alcohol there. That is why some homeless people "prefer" to live on the street, despite rain and snow.

People who live on the street get sick faster than other people. In addition, homeless people do not grow as old. They are also at risk of someone insulting them, beating them up or robbing them. Many have psychological problems and some take drugs.