The Klexikon is a children's encyclopaedia. This encyclopaedia has existed since 2014 and was modelled on Wikipedia: You can find it for free on the internet and look something up, i.e. find out about topics. On each page there is an article about a topic, for example "Elephants", "Roman Empire" or "Konrad Adenauer".

The pictures and texts come from volunteers. The contributors write and edit them in their free time. Children only participate in exceptional cases, for example in a school class with their teacher.

Taking part is not that easy, because you have to abide by rules. For example, the articles should not be too short or too long. The texts must be written in such a way that children can understand them well. Therefore, you must not use words that are too difficult, and the sentences should not be too long.

It is desirable that the contributors discuss among themselves, exchange ideas and give each other tips and advice. An important rule is that everyone should treat each other in a friendly manner so that each contributor can enjoy participating.

The Klexikon has won several awards. One example is the OER Award, a prize for something on the internet that can be used at school. The Klexikon can also be found via the major search engines for children, such as "Blinde Kuh".

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