Leonardo DiCaprio

Leonardo DiCaprio

Leonardo Wilhelm DiCaprio is an actor from the USA. He is known from many Hollywood films such as "Titanic", "The Revenant" or "The Wolf of Wall Street". DiCaprio is considered an excellent character actor. This is someone who can play challenging roles well.

Leonardo DiCaprio was born in 1974 in Los Angeles, where he also grew up and went to school. His father, a comic book author, has Italian ancestors. That's where the Italian surname comes from. His mother was originally named Indenbirken and was born in a small town in the Ruhr area.

DiCaprio began acting as a teenager. First in commercials, among others for chewing gum and cheese. Later he got his first film role in the science fiction film "Critters 3 - Die Kuschelkillers kommen". However, this film was not so successful. At the beginning of his career, an advisor advised him to adopt the stage name Lenny Williams because it sounded more American. In the end, however, DiCaprio decided to stick to his real name.

His first successful film was "Gilbert Grape - Somewhere in Iowa". There he played a mentally handicapped boy who lives with his family in a small village in the state of Iowa. With this film he was nominated for the Oscar for "Best Supporting Actor", but could not win the prize. In 1997, he played a poor ship passenger in the film "Titanic" who falls in love with a rich American woman and lays down his life for her. With this film DiCaprio became famous all over the world.

In the 2000s, he starred in many more highly successful films, but never won an Oscar for his acting. He finally did so in 2016 with the film "The Revenant". There he played a fur trapper who is left wounded by his friends and then has to escape from the wilderness alone.

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