The lion is a mammal and a separate species of animal. Like the tiger, it belongs to the cat family and thus to the predators. The lion is often called the "king of beasts". With its large mane, the male is very conspicuous.

In the wild today he lives only in central and southern Africa. In India there are wild lions only in one national park. In the past, he was found in almost all of Africa, as well as in the area between Greece and India. You can see lions in many zoos, but only rarely trained in circuses.

An adult lion is one and a quarter meters high at the shoulders. Males weigh on average 190 kilograms and females 125 kilograms. Females can be easily distinguished from males because they appear much more delicate. Females also do not have a mane. Lions can purr just like our domestic cats, but only when they exhale. The fur is sand-colored and carries no pattern.

The lion appears in many legends, fairy tales and movies. Even in ancient times he was revered for his majestic appearance and depicted on vases and murals. He is an important heraldic animal. Many kings have named themselves after him, for example Richard the Lionheart. He can also be found in the sky: In the northern sky there is the constellation of the Lion, one of the signs of the zodiac.

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