Musical Instrument

Musical Instrument

A musical instrument is a device with which you can make music. Music is created from vibrations in the air that reach our ears. In our brain, they are put together to form music.

The vibrations are created in the musical instrument: in the case of stringed instruments by a string, in the case of the saxophone by a thin wooden plate, in the case of the trumpet by the lips of the player and so on. All musical instruments have a sounding body. This is a hollow space in which the air vibrates. Only then does it spread out into the outer space.

Some instruments are so old that it is not known when they were invented. Simple flutes made of bones already existed in the Stone Age, because such instruments have been found. Then other instruments made of various materials were added all the time.

A new musical instrument is the saxophone: it was invented in the 19th century by Adolph Sax. New instruments made it possible to play new notes. The composers who thought up new pieces of music then made new suggestions to the builders of instruments. Even newer are the instruments that work with electricity, for example the keyboard.

Because there are so many different musical instruments, they are divided into groups. The easiest way is to classify them according to how the player uses them. The other type of classification is based on how the instrument produces the sound.

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