The Neolithic Period

Neolithic period

The Neolithic period is part of the Stone Age, the oldest period in human history. Until then, people were hunters and gatherers. In the Neolithic Age, they began to breed animals and cultivate plants. This also led to them having a permanent home.

In technical language, the Neolithic period is called the Neolithic. The Greek word "neo" means "young". People's way of life changed a lot during the Neolithic period. Many important inventions were also made, which in turn changed many things. That is why we also speak of the "Neolithic Revolution".

The Neolithic period did not begin at the same time everywhere in the world. Nor did it begin suddenly, but life changed gradually. In the Middle East, the Neolithic Age began about 12,000 years ago with the invention of agriculture. Settlers who moved on spread the new way of life further and further. Around 7,500 years ago, the Neolithic Age finally began here in Central Europe.

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