A newspaper is a collection of news and reports. Newspapers are published regularly, usually once a day or week. A newspaper informs its readers about news. Normally, a newspaper means printed matter.

Originally, the word newspaper itself meant news. Today, a newspaper collects different news and news items into articles. A newspaper article is a single contribution that appears in a newspaper. A newspaper is usually divided into different sections called columns: politics, local affairs, business, media or sports. This allows the reader to look up articles on a specific topic.

Journalists are the people who make the content for newspapers or other media. A reporter is a journalist who goes to an event or place to report on it. The newspaper is put together in the newsroom.

Many newspapers can be bought at a newsstand or in a shop. Some newspapers are available free of charge. A newspaper is often also available as a subscription. It is then regularly delivered directly by post. A total price must then be paid once a month or year for all the newspapers delivered.

Many newspapers also earn money through advertising: entrepreneurs pay for advertisements, which are spaces in the newspaper where something is advertised. Without advertising, newspapers would be much more expensive. However, there is a fear that a newspaper might not write some things because the advertisers would find it bad.

Some newspapers are free newspapers: You can pick them up for free. The makers of these newspapers only earn money thanks to advertisements.

Today there are also newspapers on the internet. These are called internet newspapers or online newspapers. Readers can read many of them for free. That is why it is becoming more difficult for online newspapers to earn money.

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