Humans and many animals have a nose. It is a sensory organ and is located on the face or, in animals, at the front of the muzzle. The nose ensures that we can breathe in and breathe out. The nose and mouth are the entrances through which air is brought into the lungs. The lungs get the oxygen from the air that humans need to live.

There are also places inside the nose that are responsible for smelling. Humans can distinguish a trillion different smells. A trillion is a one with twelve zeros.

Inside the nose there is the nasal mucosa and the nasal hairs. In between there is also the nasal secretion, a liquid that is also called "snot" or "snot". This is used to keep dust and dirt out of the inhaled air so that they do not enter the lungs with the air. When the fluid in the nose mixes with the dirt and dries, boogers are formed in humans and monkeys.

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