Oman or the Oman is a country in the west of Asia. It is located in the very east of the Arabian Peninsula. Its coast is on the Indian Ocean, more precisely on the Arabian Sea and the Gulf of Oman. Neighbouring countries are Saudi Arabia, Yemen and the United Arab Emirates. The country is just under the size of Germany, but has only about as many inhabitants as the German state of Saxony.

The country's capital is called Muscat, which is also spelled Mascat or Masqat. The Portuguese conquered the city around 1500 and traded from there. In the 17th century, the Sultan of Oman himself conquered other territories, including the distant island of Zanzibar in what is now the country of Tanzania. Since 1970, the current Sultan Qabus ibn Said has ruled.

Although the country is almost as big as Germany, quite few Omanis, as the inhabitants are called, live there. Almost all Omanis are Muslims. Three quarters belong to a particular, segregated community in Islam, the Ibadis.

The country is dry, it rains very little, most likely in January and on the coast. In summer, the temperature can reach 50 degrees Celsius. Oman is mountainous, especially in the north and the very south. The Djabal Achdar is a massif that rises up to 3000 metres.

Because almost the entire country has a desert climate, agriculture is difficult. The inhabitants grow dates and lemons, for example. Almost all income in the country comes from oil and natural gas. It is also important for Oman that Omanis work in other countries. They send part of their wages home to their relatives.

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