Ophthalmologist is a profession. These doctors examine and heal people's eyes. To become an ophthalmologist, you have to study medicine at a university. This applies to all doctors. After that, you need additional training that lasts several years. There you learn everything about the eyes.

The ophthalmologist examines all parts of the eyes. This includes the eyelids, for example. He has different devices for the examination. The most important piece of equipment for an ophthalmologist is a special microscope. Experts call it a "slit lamp microscope". With it, he can look at the eye magnified. This is particularly useful, for example, to see small injuries. The slit-lamp microscope has a lamp so that the ophthalmologist can see the eye well. If he wants to make the pupil larger, he uses eye drops.

At the ophthalmologist, you can have your eyesight checked. He can then tell you whether you need glasses or not. Healthy people also have this examination as a check-up.

The ophthalmologist also treats inflammations of the eye and can then give the patient a prescription. The patient has to hand in the prescription at the pharmacy to get his medication. The medicines help him get better. For other problems with the eyes, sometimes an ointment or other medicine is not enough. Then the ophthalmologist has to operate on the patient.

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