Outdoor Swimming Pools

Outdoor Swimming Pools

An outdoor swimming pool is not located in a building, but outdoors. It can be a swimming pool that you have built. Or it may be part of a river, lake or pond that you have marked off for swimming.

Outdoor swimming pools are often swimming pools owned by the municipality or a company. They are there for many visitors, who usually have to pay an entrance fee. It's like an amusement park.

Often an outdoor pool has more than just one pool. Some pools are for smaller children: such paddling pools are very shallow and the water is warm. Diving pools, on the other hand, have to be a certain depth, depending on the height of the diving tower. In the wave pool, you experience waves that come from a machine.

An outdoor pool not only has pools, but also changing rooms, toilets, a restaurant or at least a kiosk and perhaps other buildings. Many outdoor swimming pools are located in the countryside. The pools are surrounded by meadows. Visitors can lie down there to relax and sunbathe or play. To ensure that everything runs smoothly and is clean in an outdoor pool, there are cashiers, caretakers, gardeners and other people. Above all, the lifeguards make sure that no one drowns.

In many countries, outdoor pools are only open in summer. Some outdoor pools cover the pools at night so that the water does not cool down too much at night. In winter, bathing would be too cold and virtually no visitors would come. However, some outdoor pools are open in winter as a park.

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