Pilot is a profession. His job is to steer an aircraft. The term "pilot" comes from the Greek word for "rudder". The pilot is therefore the helmsman of an aircraft. He sits at the very front of the aircraft in a separate room, the cockpit.

For every type of aircraft, the pilot needs a suitable licence. This requires a degree or a profession beforehand. Most pilots pilot a passenger aircraft and use it to fly people from one place to another. Airships such as the Zeppelin are also for passengers. There are also small planes for very few passengers or the fighter planes in the army.

Pilots of passenger planes are also called airline pilots because they fly a particular airline. They wear a special uniform. They are always on the road and see many countries. Often they have to stay in one place for one, two or even three days until they fly back. Then they have the opportunity to see a foreign city together with the whole crew.

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