A playground is a place where children are allowed to play. There are usually several pieces of playground equipment there, such as slides, swings or even sandpits. Playgrounds are almost always outdoors.

Public playgrounds may be used by all children. Public playgrounds usually belong to the municipality. Private playgrounds belong to a kindergarten, a school or a business: there are special rules about who is allowed to play there. Some people create a playground for their children in their own garden.

If you want to set up a playground, you have to follow rules. The rules mainly concern the playground equipment, which must be safe and resilient. The rules are particularly strict if the playground equipment is located in a public playground. This is because more children come to the playground equipment there, so that the equipment wears out more quickly.

The rules are meant to ensure that no accidents happen. However, accidents can happen, for example because a piece of playground equipment is defective. Then the owner is responsible if, for example, someone gets hurt.

Today, you often see playground equipment on a playground that you already know from other playgrounds. They are manufactured and offered by large companies. It would be much more expensive to have playground equipment newly built by craftsmen. But that's why many playgrounds look the same. Playground equipment made of plastic is cheaper than that made of wood or metal. But they do not last as long.

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