Poseidon was a god among the ancient Greeks. The Romans called him Neptune. He was the ruler of the ocean and the gods of water. He was also considered the protector of horses. He was also the god worshipped against earthquakes.

Like Zeus, Poseidon was a son of Chronos and Rheia. When his older brother Zeus defeated their father Chronos, Poseidon was awarded the sea. It is believed that the god Poseidon was actually a god of the earth in the beginning and came to the water more by accident. In many ways Poseidon resembles his brother Zeus.

With his wife Amphitrite, Poseidon lived in a palace made of crystal under the sea. Like his brother Zeus, Poseidon was not very faithful to his wife. He had many affairs and therefore many offspring with other women or goddesses. Poseidon is impetuous and unpredictable, just like the sea. His rage sparks storms, and when he strikes the ground with his trident, seaquakes and floods occur. Poseidon also sends monsters.

Poseidon was worshipped everywhere by the Greeks and Romans. Not least, fishermen and other seamen prayed to him, and the city of Athens saw him as a patron. In the stories of Homer, Poseidon is the enemy of the Greeks. He especially hates Odysseus because Odysseus and his men blinded Polyphemus. This was a son of Poseidon who had only one eye. As punishment, Odysseus could not simply sail home, but was plagued by storms.

Long after antiquity and even today, people still use the names Neptune or Poseidon for something to do with the sea. Ships and shipyards in particular were called by these names. Poseidon also appears in fantasy stories such as those about Percy Jackson.

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