Pterosaurs were animals that became extinct a long time ago. They were reptiles that evolved 228 million years ago. Pterosaurs could fly well and fast. They were not dinosaurs, but closely related to dinosaurs. Scientists also call pterosaurs. Ptero is Greek and means "wings".

There were different pterosaurs: some were huge, others as small as a pigeon. The largest of them was Quetzalcoatlus, with a wingspan of probably ten to twelve metres, measured from one wingtip to the other. With their huge wings made of skin, the pterosaurs could sail well. Their bones were hollow and this made them even lighter so they could fly better. Unlike birds, however, pterosaurs probably did not have feathers.

Another striking feature is the long crest that many pterosaurs had on the back of their heads. The first pterosaurs did not have it, but they did have long tails to help them steer. Scientists are still not sure exactly what the crest was for. It may have helped the pterosaurs fly better. Maybe it also helped them recognise each other.

Pterosaurs probably lived in different habitats: in forests, mountains or even deserts. They also flew over the sea and other bodies of water in search of food. Pterosaurs were hunters and fed on fish, insects and smaller dinosaurs. With their long beaks, they were good at getting fish out of the water. Not all pterosaurs had teeth.

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