The Red Fox

Red Fox

The red fox is the only fox in our forests. That is why it is simply called "fox". This is inaccurate, but it is very common in our country.

The red fox is found almost all over the northern half of the world. Closely related to it is the arctic fox. It lives in the far north, where there are no more trees. Also related is the desert fox in the Sahara. There are also other fox species in North America, Africa and Asia.

Males are called males and cubs are called cubs, just like dogs. A female, on the other hand, is a doe. Red foxes grow to the size of a smaller dog and look similar. On the upper side they are reddish, on the belly and on the paws their fur is white.

In biology, the red fox is a species of animal. It belongs to the fox genus, the dog family, the order of predators and the class of mammals.

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