Saturn is a planet in our solar system. Seen from the sun, it is the sixth of a total of eight planets. Its orbit is between that of Jupiter and Uranus. For one orbit around the sun it needs more than 29 Earth years, which would be a "Saturn year". For this it turns particularly fast around its own axis, thus around itself. The Earth needs 24 hours for this, Saturn manages it in a good ten hours.

To give you an idea of the sizes in the solar system: If the sun were a large exercise ball, Saturn would be an apple, and Earth would be a cherry. The "Saturn apple" would orbit around the "gym ball sun" at a distance of about 1,300 meters. That's about ten times as far from the Sun as the Earth.

Like all four outer planets, it is a gas planet. It has a small hard core, otherwise it consists mainly of the gases hydrogen and helium. In the solar system, only the planet Jupiter is larger.

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