A skateboard is a piece of sports equipment. It consists of a board with wheels on the bottom. You can just ride it or do various tricks, such as jumping in the air or over obstacles.

Skateboards were invented in the USA in the years after 1950. Surfers were looking for a change of pace for days when there were too few waves to surf. So they screwed wheels under their surfboards and rode them on the street. Since around 1980, skateboarding has become increasingly popular among children and young people, especially in the big cities.

There are now even world championships and "skaters" who earn money with their sport. Many cities have their own skateboarding facilities with obstacles. But often skaters simply do their tricks on streets and squares or in parks.

There are different types of skateboards: Most skateboards are bent upwards at the front and back to make it easier to jump. Longboards are particularly long and are especially suitable for riding fast. Newer are "waveboards". They consist of two movable parts that you can move back and forth with your feet to move forward.

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