Star Trek

star treck

Star Trek is a series on television. There are also feature films about it. Because the stories are set in the future and mostly in space on space ships, they belong to science fiction, which is a certain kind of literature. Star Trek is very successful. That's why Star Trek is often compared to Star Wars. Star Trek is English and means "journey to the stars".

The idea for the series came from the screenwriter Gene Roddenberry from the USA. In 1966, the first episode of Star Trek was shown on American television. Some time later, the series also came to Germany. There it was called "Starship Enterprise". Enterprise is English for undertaking, task.

The series initially lasted only three years. But there were many fans who got together. In 1979, a first feature film was shown. The actors from the old series then starred in several more feature films. The most famous were the starship captain James T. Kirk and his closest associate, Mr. Spock. Mr. Spock is an alien from a planet called Vulcan.

Later, other series were invented for Star Trek. Feature films are still being made. There are also many comics and books. The company behind Star Trek is called Paramount Pictures. It is estimated that it earned over a billion dollars with Star Trek in its first 35 years.

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