Turtles belong to the reptiles. A distinction is made between land and water turtles, some of which live in fresh water and others in salt water. A turtle can live up to 100 years, a giant turtle even older.

Tortoises feed mainly on meadow herbs. In captivity, they may also be fed lettuce and occasionally fruits or vegetables. Sea turtles prefer squid, crabs or jellyfish as food. Species living in fresh water eat plants, small fish or larvae of insects.

Turtles are cold-blooded animals and therefore very active in warm weather. In winter, they maintain a hibernation period of three to four months at a temperature of four degrees Celsius. During this time they rest and also do not eat.

In summer, turtles lay their eggs. In this process, the female digs a hole with her hind feet where she lays her eggs. The eggs are buried and hatched in the ground by the warmth of the sun. The mother does not care any further. In some species, only the hatching temperature determines whether male or female turtles hatch from them. As nest fugitives, they are then immediately on their own. They also live alone later.

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