A website is a place on the Internet. Such a place has a name, which is exactly what only it has. Some people say "website" because they think that is the German term for a website. In fact, however, it is just a single page, of which there can be many in the website.

The website and the name belong to someone, the operator of the website. This can be an individual person or a company. The contents of the website are on a server. This is a big computer. When someone on the internet wants to read the website, they get the data from this server.

There are files in the website. Often they are pages that have been written with HTML. With HTML, you tell the computer how to show the contents of the website. Some websites can only be viewed, others can be changed by the visitor.

There are many different websites on the internet and you can even create your own website for free on certain platforms. Many people have a blog on the internet, which is a website where they write about a certain topic, for example about fashion or games.

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