Zagreb is the capital of Croatia and also the largest city in the country. It has almost 800,000 inhabitants. That is slightly more than in Frankfurt am Main or twice as many as in Zurich. Zagreb has been around for over 900 years.

Zagreb is the seat of the Croatian government. The parliament also meets there. There is a university and other higher education institutions.

Zagreb is important for transport and business. Major motorways and railway lines cross there and there is an international airport. There is a lot of trade in the city, many medicines are manufactured there. Appliances that run on electricity are developed and manufactured. About a third of the country's total money is earned in Zagreb.

Tourism is also important. The most important sights include the cathedral, which used to be called "St. Stephen's Cathedral". This includes the seat of the archbishop. The Upper Town and the Lower Town are connected by a cable car on rails because it is quite steep there. On the border between the two is a famous old market square.

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